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    Here at The Source, we present you with great vegetarian recipes and diets, coupled with relevant and proven tips to help you live a healthy and hygienic lifestyle of your dreams. Our mission is to eliminate nutritional deficiencies prone to most vegetarians and replace those deficiencies with the perfect recipes and mixtures to set them on their way to healthy living.


    According to a ‘search data' research from Google Trends, there has been an awesome worldwide increase in the interest in veganism from 2004 to 2018 in various regions of the world. Similarly, a recent forecast report by Restaurant Consultancy group, Baum Whiteman in New York, also revealed that “plant-based meals” will be the food trend by 2020. What these incredible statistics mean, is that as years roll by, there’s an increasing understanding of the benefits of the plant-based meal by every-day people.


    Vegetarians choose this ‘no-meat-syndrome’ and its lifestyle based on their various preferences, as there are varieties of vegetarians. Vegans are types that do not eat dairy products, eggs, or every other product obtained from animals. Lacto-ovo vegetarians consume both dairy products and eggs. Ovo-vegetarians consume eggs but not dairy products, while Lacto vegetarians are known to eat dairy products but stay away from eggs.


    Our purpose is to answer every question that challenges the medical balance and diet of vegetarians, related on how vegetarian manage to get supplements like protein, iron, iodine, calcium and how they manage not to get ill despite their favoritism. However, the answer to their questions is that a vegetarian must be rightly guided, and educated, on how to live their lives, stay healthy, and recommend such living to others as well. And that is what we seek to make provision here at The Source.


    Thus, no matter the sort of vegetarian diet you seek, we have so many lovely veggie recipes available that include family favorites to mouth-watering party showstoppers. Our interest is a result of our obsession to provide healthy and spicy vegetarian meals. And we aim to reduce the effects of malnutrition veggie meal intake, by giving the best recipe you can ever get for your family and daily meal.


    For feedback's and inquiries about any of your favorite vegetarian meals and recipes, you can reach us through our contact information.



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