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Foods To Boost & Improve Memory

The seven well-known foods



Life is all about survival, isn’t it? You need to eat good food to be able to compete and win others. If you think you can forgot proper diet because you are busy, think again. Many people make the mistake of concentrating more on their business without considering their health. One of the ways to consider your health is to eat a balanced diet.

Human needs to eat to supply the body the nutrients it requires. Each wrong choice of food will deprive the body the necessary nutrients it needs and which will, in turn, affect health. Research shows that over 33.8% of U.S adults are obese. The type of food you consume will improve your brain capacity.

So if you take junks, you should not expect your brain to function at the optimum level. If you want to be good at remembering things or focused, then you need to make smart food decisions. Take types of food like Avocado, blueberries, etc. in excess. You can also read through the blog post and consider the food choices mentioned below :


    Though Avocado contains a high level of fat, it remains one of the most beneficial fruits. It is a monounsaturated fat packed fruit which can regularize the blood sugar level and keep the skin glowing as you want.

    According to research, avocado contains vitamins B and C which the body needs daily. As a result, it is advisable for you to take the fruit every day to improve your memory with the vitamin. In addition to this, the Vitamin K and Folate in this fruit help you fight against stroke by preventing blood clots in your brain. The fruit can also help you concentrate.


    It would be nice if you eat blueberries every day because it contains numerous beneficial nutrients. Apart from the fact that it tastes like natural candy, it includes Vitamin K, fiber, and Vitamin C that helps improve the blood flow into the brain. The presence of garlic acid help protect the memory from stress – it enhances the memory. Evidence suggests that the consumption of blueberries will also save the body from heart diseases and cancer.


    You should be thankful to your mum if she fed you with Broccoli when you were young. This is because Broccoli is one of the best foods that improve the brain. It contains a high concentration of choline and vitamin K that have been known for making the memory sharper.

    Eating Broccoli would give you the required vitamin C you need per day as it contains a lot of vitamin C and fiber. Research also shows that the presence of Glucosinolates will boost your memory to remember verbal statements.

    Black beans

    If you need food with a high concentrate of protein, folate, and magnesium, then you should go for black beans. With the constituents mentioned above, it can help cure Alzheimer’s disease. Though black beans are considered a food that improves the brain, it has been known to be beneficial to the heart over the years.


    Though beets are one of the most nutritious and beneficial plants out there, it is somehow unfortunate that many find it intimidating to eat. Despite its odd shape and taste, it still has several great health benefits that can improve your brain and heart. Research shows that taking at least 8 ounces of beetroot daily would lower your blood pressure because it contains nitrates which would relax the blood vessels. It also reduces inflammation and gets toxin out of your blood with the high concentration of cancer-protecting antioxidants. Taking it will also boost your mental performance blood flow and energy.

    Dark Chocolate

    Chocolate is known to contain a high level of sugar and milk, but dark chocolate is an exception. This is because it contains caffeine, which will improve your mental alertness. If you are someone that stresses yourself daily, it is advisable to take dark chocolate regularly. Dark chocolate will de-stress and improve your mood with endorphins and serotonin.

    It is also good for the heart because it contains flavonols which are capable of lowering blood pressure. It will also improve the circulatory system. You should skip the white chocolate for the dark chocolate, which contains a minimum of 70% cocoa.

    Coconut Oil

    Unlike other food on our list, coconut oil has the highest number of benefits. Though you might know that coconut oil is useful for beauty, hair, and cooking, it is also beneficial to your brain. With the high level of triglycerides, your mind would act effectively because the enzymes are known as fuel for the brain cells. The oil also helps in suppressing cells with its anti-inflammatory property. It also helps in curing old age.


    Any of the food mentioned above are nutritious and are capable of improving your ability to think faster and better. You can as well try to inject one or all of them on a daily basis as they will not only improve your mental ability but protect your heart from inflammation.

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