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Reality of Your Favorite Foods.

Find out what they are really made up of ?


Eating our favorite foods is very fascinating these days. We all have cravings for our favorite foods. Have you ever wondered what are the ingredients in those mouth-watering foods? Some have really appetizing names that hide the actual fact that they’re some dead animal’s organs. Food companies always mention the natural flavors, low calories, high calories, vitamins, and proteins, but they’ll never mention the weirdest ingredients like the fish bladder, dead animal skin and human hair etc. that has been used in the making of such foods.

In order to have healthy stuffs for your kitchen, here are some facts that will make you think twice next time when you’re heading to the grocery store:

Jellybeans: These are covered in shellac, which is actually made up from the excretion of bugs. Shellac is used to make things look shiny and shiny jelly beans are so mouth-watering to eat, especially for kids. It is made up of the female lac insect.

Vanilla and Raspberry flavors: They might be enhanced by “castoreum”, which is a mixture of the anal secretions and the urine of beavers. It is also used in perfumes. This is an FDA-approved product and if you read about castoreum on Wikipedia, you can see that is also used as a food additive. It is mostly labelled under “natural flavoring”, so you’ll never exactly get to know if you’re eating it.

British beers: A product named, Isinglass is actually a dried fish’s bladder that is being used by most of the British brewing industry to make finer beer and provide the golden glow to beer.

Gelatin: a very common product these days, which is best known as a gelling agent in cooking. It is made from collagen, which is extracted from skin, bones and animal connective tissues such as cattle, pigs, and fish. Nowadays, it is most likely to be made up from pig skin. Gelatin is used in many food products like desserts, marshmallows, candies, and also in confections such as fruit snacks and jelly babies. It is used as a thickener in some foods like yogurt, cream of cheese. It is also used in fat-reduced foods to give a mouthfeel of fat and to create volume and in several types of Chinese soup dumplings that are steamed and fried.

If you are one among those who love gelatin food. There are some substitutes which can be used as an alternative for gelatin like agar-agar, guar gum, pectin and Konjac that works really well.

White Sugar: Basically, white sugar is made up of the evaporation of clarified Sugar cane juice. It consists of bone char that is used to make the color of sugar whiter. This will be a surprise to all the vegans who eat foods like white sugar without knowing about the ingredients used in them.

Starburst: The favorite candy for the kids of this generation. It is mainly made up of fruit flavors which gives it a mouth-watering taste. The fruit flavors consist of a harmful ingredient, which is known as gelatin. Gelatin is made up from animal’s bones and skin. I would also like to mention here the side effects of this substance because it comes from an animal source. The practice of manufacturing gelatin may cause the contamination of the product with the diseased animal tissue and that can transmit the disease of mad cow. Many experts advise against the use of gelatin and all other animal derived supplements.

You’ll be surprised to see how gelatin is made in factories. How a live pig is converted into gelatin products. A detailed and truthful video shared by ‘Over eten’ on Vimeo where you can check the reverse pictures of gelatin into the live pig.

Here’s the link:

Bread Products: We all are very fond of eating bread in our fast lives. Eating burgers and pizzas are almost daily meals these days. Apart from the increase of fat in our body, this bread has a lot more to do with our health. They contain an amino acid known as L-cysteine, which is basically used as a softening agent in the making of bread. It is derived from human hair and it can be also made up from poultry feathers. Many big brands who are running food businesses have acknowledged to their customers that they’ve used this product in their bread.

Soda Drinks: This is also of very common use in our daily lives. Many adults opt for soda water over normal water. It mainly contains carbonated water, sweetener, and an artificial flavor. Many of the adults are even addicted to drinking soda but they are not actually aware of what kind of harmful effects soda drinking can have on our body.

The first and foremost is that it contains a very high level of sugar, which is very bad for our health. Sugar can lead to harmful disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart disease and many more negative impacts. What is more surprising is that soda doesn’t provide any kind of nutrition to our body. The excess intake of soda can also lead to major health problems like obesity, dental pain, and affect joint health. I am also mentioning below the harmful ingredients of soda:

  • Phosphoric acid: It can affect the functioning of our digestive system leading to indigestion of food.
  • High fructose corn syrup: It is the major cause of obesity and it can also increase the risk of the metallic syndrome.
  • Citric acid: It can damage the enamel of the teeth.
  • Bisphenol A: It has been concluded by researchers that it can impact the female reproductive system.


I would like to conclude on the point that you can never be sure of the ingredients in the food that you are eating. They are not so obvious. Labels placed on foods can be misleading and some foods may contain stuffs, which you will never eat knowingly. All we can do from our end is to have more natural and organic food in high quantity. Avoid ready-made products in your daily routine eating habits. Rather than spending a lot of money on these ready-made products, look for some organic fruits and vegetables to eat. This will be beneficial for your body in the long run.

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