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Time Management Tips That Work

Make the most of your day


Time is an essential part of life. It is same everywhere irrespective of anyone’s location, income, gender, and religion. Every person has 24 hours in a day to achieve something. Unfortunately, the hours are always not enough. The good news is that you could make the most out of your day if you could manage your time effectively.

Time management requires you to set your goals and be disciplined. You can also manage your time by avoiding all forms of technology distraction like social media and phone calls. If you can follow all these steps, you would make the most of your day.

Set Clear Goals

For you to manage your time effectively, you need to set clear goals about what you want to achieve on that day. If you do not set your goals, you might lose track of what you do. You might also find it hard to channel your energy on the right things. The result is always the frustration of not achieving anything in a day.

Try to be smart and sincere with yourself when making your goals. Do not make daily goals that you know that you cannot achieve. Always make sure you write your goals down in detail after making them.

Prioritize your Time

Mark Cuban said, “Never do meetings unless someone is writing a check.” In the same vein, Gary Vaynerchuk claimed that many meetings are meant to waste your time. As a result, you need to be careful about what you do with your time.

Prioritizing your time will save you from unnecessary meetings, activities, and events. For you to do prioritize, you need to determine which event is essential and extremely urgent.


  1. All businesses that must be done urgently should be at the forefront of your list
  2. Vital tasks that are not urgent should follow
  3. Urgent tasks with no values should follow
  4. Activities that are of no importance or urgency should be at the least of your priority table. 

Writing all these activities in a journal or Action book will motivate you to achieve your goal as quickly as possible.

Learn to Say No

The inability to say no has been a reason why many people have not been able to manage their time well. Most of the time, they accept jobs that are not urgent or important at the expense of vital tasks. They do complain of not achieving any of their goals within the prescribed period. If you cannot say no to some activities, you will always abandon important things for irrelevant ones.

Procrastination is Theft of Time

One of the few things I have battled in life is procrastination. It has gone a long way in crumbling my plans and goals. It has left me with nothing but regret. Though procrastination is a silent killer, it can be avoided. All you need to prevent it is to be aware of what you need to do and why you must do them on time. You can set a timer on your smartphone to determine when you need to do some actions or not till you get used to it.

Take a break

Contrary to common belief, taking a break could improve your productivity. Research shows that continuous work without rest will increase your mental, emotional, and physical stress. You can go for mindfulness meditation that helps the every individual being from worries and stress. If you are an entrepreneur, taking a break should be one of your backbones. The reason for this is not far from the fact that it will keep you relaxed and focused.

Be Disciplined

The fact that you are smart does not mean you would be successful if you lack discipline. Self-discipline and self-confidence are the two habits that go a long way in determining your ability to manage your time. So, for you to successfully control time or manage it effectively, you need to develop your willpower than your IQ.

Eliminate all Forms of Distractions

Distractions are capable of making you lose track of your time. In this age of technology it is essential to track all self-induced interruptions and put them away. Try to avoid any form of social media and smartphone distraction as they are capable of preventing you from following your plans. Apart from this, you can turn your phone off to break your smartphone addiction.


Now that you have learned how to manage your time, it will be cool if you put it into practice. Without practice, what you have learned is useless. Apart from this, you need to have a sleep schedule which you need to follow. The sleep schedule is essential for your mental and physical health.

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